Alright, so this is my first post here…
I’m a long time follower and player of Forza, I frequent this site a
ton, but never registered. Today that changed, haha.

I have something interesting to show you that I really find helpful,
pulling your saved movies out of Forza without having to upload to the
server. I’ve never had problems uploading to the server, but this method
is too fast to ignore. For reference, I am using a 2 GB Sandisk.
Here’s some irony for ya, it’s the 2 GB FM3 flash drive that came with
Forza 3.

What you need:

  1. Download “XTAF GUI 001” (Google it)
  2. Download “Le Fluffie” (Google it)
  3. USB flash drive

I should start first by explaining how the
movie saves work to save you some pain in the long run, and disk space
on your pc as well as on your xbox. All of the forza videos save into a
folder-like structure. This folder can only grow in size, so the more
movies you make, the bigger it gets. It will never decrease in size, no
matter if you delete your movies or not, so you want to make sure you
don't save any more than say 10 at a time. Otherwise, you're probably
wasting lots of space on your 360.

So that said, there is one big tip to making this work as fast for you as it does on my pc:

1. Delete all movies from Forza 3 after you have downloaded them to your pc, or the movie file will get very large fast.

(Optional Step – but recommended!)
Clearing the movie file will significantly
make this a faster process. You will have to delete any movies you
already have saved on the xbox. Load Forza, go into My Profile > My
Movies and delete all of your saved movies. Now, go back to the
dashboard, under System Settings > Memory > Hard Drive > Games
> Forza Motorsport 3, and delete the file that says [Your name]’s WMV
movies. Now you’re all set to go make some vids!

Copying videos from USB

  1. Save all of the movies you want how you want in Forza 3.
  2. Back out to the dashboard.
  3. Insert your mega-useful FM3 flash drive
  4. Go to System Settings > Memory > Hard Drive > Games > Forza Motorsport 3.
  5. Select the file [Your name]’s WMV videos and choose copy, and copy to the USB drive
  6. Take the flash drive to your pc and pop it in.
  7. Open XTAF GUI (USB XTAF Explorer)
  8. Click File > Open Device
  9. This is the tricky part. You’ll have to
    browse the directories until you find the one that says “Movie”. You can
    use the “..” at the bottom of the list to navigate backwards.

  10. Once you see “Movie” highlight and click “Extract”
  11. Choose a location to save the file. (I just use the desktop)
  12. Once the file has copied, close XTAF and open Le Fluffie.
  13. In Le Fluffie, click File > Open a File.
  14. Select the Movie file we copied out to the computer earlier.
  15. Select the “Contents” tab at the top
  16. You will now see your videos listed
    below. You can highlight each, right click the name in the second box
    and select “Extract file”.

  17. Make sure you put the .wmv on the end of each filename